About Me

Who am I?

I am Sal Aiello

This is me, Sal.

This is me, Sal.

What is this site?

This site is a hybrid between my senior project for the Sweetland Minor In Writing and the portfolio for my written work. The home page contains the podcast that I produced as my project. The tab labeled as portfolio contains the written works.

What The Minor In Writing Means to Me

Mechanisms, equations, molecules, structures, rules, laws and limits constantly surround my academic thoughts. These are my academic thoughts because I must take a constant stream of science courses since I plan on applying to medical school. When I sit down to write, I am in complete control of what will appear in front of me. I can take my ideas, manipulate my words to form thoughts and then create my own epic equation that I can call a story. When it is all said and done, really being able to create something that is my own is what makes writing so appealing to me. Sure writing has “rules” of what you can and cannot do, but they are more like guidelines anyway. I don’t have to stick to a structure or provide an exact answer.

Being a part of this minor is not only something that I have enjoyed, but I have seen this minor as a sigh of relief. The assignments were not tasks that I had to complete but rather opportunities that allowed me to grow and to discover myself. I now believe that writing will generally get better with experience and this minor has provided me with the best professors to give me the best experience.

The minor has not only elevated my writing, but it has helped me discover who I am.

I am Sal Aiello.