Spanish Writing

I am a Spanish Concentrator here at the University of Michigan. The upper level classes involve a good deal of writing. The effort and time that I put forth into these spanish essays has definitely affected my writing style and abilities. Writing in another language has had an influence on who I am as a writer because I am constantly looking on ways to improve my sentence structure and vocabulary.

I have chosen two pieces or writing to represent my Spanish coursework. The first is written entirely in Spanish and is one of the most challenging essays I have ever written. The essay is about Federico Garcia Lorca’s El Publico. The play has been banned all over the world because of it’s explicit content and even where it is free to produce, hardly any company will do so. This is because it is a play, about a man producing a play, in which the play’s 4th wall has been torn down by the audience. At least I think that’s what it was about, not to mention I was reading it in Spanish. Suffice to say, I was often more confused editing my analysis than I was reading the play. Regardless, I finished the paper and that is something I am still proud of completing.

El Ensayo (The Essay)


This second essay is from my senior seminar with Gareth Williams that covered The progression of Surrealism from Europe to America. This class was recommended to me because of the interest I expressed in Federico Garcia Lorca’s works, which are primarily surrealistic. In the essay I draw comparisons between Andy Warhol’s pop art and Brassaï a photographer that captured the nightlife of 1930’s Paris. This is a significant essay for me because as I compiled sources, I found myself engrossed in the topic’s within the books and had a hard time focusing on extracting only information that was relevant to my paper. This is all to say, that this essay was never a burden and helped to me to realize some of my own interests. 

Andy Warhol and Brassaï

A photo from Brassaï’s collection in 1932

Andy Warhol’s work extended far beyond his screen-prints