Gateway Course

So often in classes, I spend an extensive amount of time focused on a certain topic or theme and just as I am starting to understand it, I finish up my paper and move onto another topic. During the Winter ’12 semester I took an idea, repurposed it, and then remediated it. I chose to go through this process and use the Rootless American paper from my LHSP course with Matt Kelley. By having a second and third time to revisit my work, I was able to develop the idea and see how it had progressed as I continued to reflect upon the idea.

Winter '12 Minor Cohort

Winter ’12 Minor Cohort. You can find my baby face smack dab in the middle.

For the repurposing project, I took my Freshman year academic essay, striped it of everything but the concepts and then rewrote the piece for The New Yorker.

Repurposing of Rootless Americans

Then for the remediation project, I made a podcast from the repurposing essay.

Remediation of Rootless Americans