Drafting Process

When I write, I start off terribly; the results are awful and unbearable. My drafting process is a little unique in that, I always, always, always, have to handwrite my first draft. Even in this world of technology I simply cannot begin an essay by typing on a keyboard. I do all of my corrections in pen and I start new ideas and tangents on those hard copies and often run onto the back of the paper because I have run out of room on the front.

I have been writing and correcting in this manner for as long as I can remember. Growing up I used to have my mom check over some of my work and she would only correct the paper if I had it printed out for her and she would then correct it by hand. Eventually I grew accustomed to printing out every draft for my mom and the habit seemed to stick. My mother no longer corrects every paper that I write, yet here I am still printing out every single draft and making corrections by pen.

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