The Moth


The Moth is an organization dedicated to express the human condition through story telling. Across the world, Moth events are comprised of people that tell a five minute story live in front of a crowd and with no notes. I have become enthralled with the style of the event and I have attended several events, but not yet told a story. Mike Birbiglia is one of the most famous Moth storytellers.

Mike Birbiglia

Mike first told this story, Sleepwalk With Me, at the Moth and the story changed his life. It also¬†changed the way I looked at comedy. It was a story that spoke to me because it was comedy, but it wasn’t punchline after punchline. It was a story with an arc and line that brought everything together. It is everything the Moth is looking for in a story and I loved it.

Skip to 3:00 to hear the story


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